Tips For Recovering From A Sports Injury

Recovering from a sports injury can be a lengthy process, and there is always the chance that the weakened bone, joint, or muscle will be re-injured. Successful recovery involves not just healing the strain, tear, or fracture, but also restoring function and protecting the area from further injury. The following are some tips for effective recovery from most types of sports injuries.

Never Ignore Pain

Unfortunately, too many athletes and fitness enthusiasts feel that they can and should ignore discomfort and keep going no matter what. Unfortunately, pain is almost always a sign of injury, and injuries need to be treated immediately lest they get worse. Instead of “walking off” the pain, athletes should rest for a little while to see if the soreness goes away. If it doesn’t, then they need to take steps right away to get a diagnosis.

Follow A Recovery Plan

When an injured patient sees a doctor, the doctor will very likely prescribe a course of physical therapy (PT). The physical therapist will introduce a recovery plan that will involve regular PT appointments along with at-home exercises and possibly medications or injections to help with pain. It’s important to be consistent with appointments and to actually do the exercises at home. Keeping a recovery journal can help patients stay on track and become more aware of their progress.

Prevent New Injuries

It is important for athletes to strengthen their whole body, not just the injured limb or joint. Building core strength and muscle strength is the key to preventing future injuries and recovering an overall level of fitness. Many physical therapists nowadays are incorporating Pilates exercises because they correct muscle imbalances and improve posture, flexibility, and fluidity of movement. It is important, though, to exercise under the supervision of a qualified physical therapist who can tailor exercises to individual patients’ needs.

Be Patient

No matter what type of exercise an injured person is doing, it’s important to follow a plan and increase the amount and intensity of exercise only gradually. Doing too much too soon can do more harm than good. Experts advise increasing a weekly workout by no more than ten percent unless a doctor or therapist advises otherwise. Many athletes feel that they’re ready to get back to normal once they’re no longer in pain; however, the body may still be weak and vulnerable to re-injury even after the patient feels well again.

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